miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2007

Pretemporada F1: el traductor

Ahora que ya está a punto de empezar la temporada de la F1, ¿que tal un análisis de las declaraciones que se hacen tras los entrenamientos de temporada? Navegando por "planet-f1.com" me he encontrado con un traductor de declaraciones de equipos en pretemporada.

Disfrútenlas (en inglés) XD

Both drivers were very focused for all three days.

We wouldn't let them near their Xbox 360s and we hid their mobile phones

We had a planned engine and gearbox change over lunchtime.

We had an unplanned and gearbox change over lunchtime

He completed the programme as planned which was good.

We rewrote the programme mid-afternoon when he'd only done 15 laps.

Xxxxxx (driver) went through our programme and found some interesting bits in terms of the car set-up.

Our driver managed to point out where the engineers had ****ed up and corrected them.

We will now have to analyse the work we have done this week and focus a little bit more on performance during the next test.

Man, we were slow.

As for xxxxxxx (test driver), it was a good chance to work with the race team. We have had some encouraging results this week, and we will look to build on them next week with Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx.

Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx had better be quicker than him.

It was interesting having two different compounds here.

Bridgestone said "here's the tyres - take them or leave them."

It has been a positive test for the team and we have continued to learn about the new Bridgestone Potenza tyres.

It'd be hard not to, driving around for 120 laps.

We have still got some fine-tuning to do on the car as the balance is not quite there yet, so next week's test will be important to help us resolve this before the season starts.

The engine's too far back on the chassis, and we haven't got a clue how to correct it.

It's been a good week in Bahrain for us and we have completed all the mileage that we had planned.

Though the plan was to do that mileage every day - and not in total.

We have been able to get a fuller understanding of the car and how it works in the warmer temperatures, including looking at areas such as the cooling system, which has been productive.

Surprisingly, the car works outside of Spain. (esto es lo que ha dicho Alonso de los entrenamientos en Bahrain)

It was a chance for me to see the latest performance upgrades, and we have useful feedback from the developments that have been incorporated.

I couldn't tell if they made the car faster or not.

It was great to see some of the work that has been done at the Technology Centre on the car, as we progress towards Australia.

Something worked for a change.

My lap times were not at the top of the timesheets but that was more because we were concentrating on long runs rather than qualifying simulations.

And let's hope the team sponsors believe that.

The package is not yet optimised so we've got a lot of work to do to get the performance we want.

...we've managed to stop it from breaking down, though, so that $50m isn't totally down the toilet.